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Definition: Pediatrics is a discipline dealing with medical issues in the newborn, infants, toddlers, children and adolescents, and teaches diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for various diseases as well as prevention methods and nutrition in these age groups.

Purpose: After completion of Pediatrics program according to the modern educational curriculum and approved instructions, the specialist physician will be able to prevent, assess, diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases in neonates, infants and children.On the other hand, they will become proficient in healthcare and nutrition topics and can engage in appropriate interactions with other members of the medical team as a consultant.

Duration of study: The duration of residency program in pediatrics was 3 years until 2013, and increased to 4 years since the beginning of academic year 1393-94 (2014-15).


Department Background

Department of pediatrics has been established in three Ghaem, Imam Reza and Doctor Sheikh hospitals.


Imam Reza Hospital

 This is the largest hospital in the northeast of the country and contains about 900 beds. In addition, it is comprised of various specialty and super specialty wards in fields of internal, general surgery, vascular surgery, heart surgery, urology, orthopedic surgery, heart, ENT (ear, nose, throat), toxicology, gynecology, infection and dermatology, and laboratories of hormonology (equipped with Gamma counter and ELISA), immunology, hematology, biochemistry, pathology, parasitology, toxicology (equipped with atomic absorption system). Moreover, the hospital contains active departments of Nuclear Medicine and Radiology.

Department of pediatrics has emergency, PICU and NICU services, and is comprised of super specialty endocrine and metabolic, infection and heart sections, providing services related to endocrine glands, infectious diseases, pediatric heart and neonates.

Secretary of department of pediatrics in Imam Reza Hospital: Zohreh Taleb

Telephone number of department of pediatrics: +985138593045

Fax number of department of pediatrics: +985138591057

Address: Mailbox No. 348, Imam Reza Square, Ibn Sina Street, Mashhad, Iran




Ghaem Hospital


 This general hospital was established in 1970, containing 818 beds in six floors and providing services in various specialty and super specialty wards.

The ground floor contains department of pediatrics, pediatrics emergency and neurology, neonatal intensive care and natural children. In addition, pediatrics clinic is located in special clinic service section, to which children with digestive, allergy and immunology, heart and neurology diseases are admitted.

Office of the department of pediatrics is on the ground floor.

Secretary of department of pediatrics in Ghaem Hospital: Razieh Harati

Telephone number of the office of department of pediatrics: +985138012469

Fax number of the office of department of pediatrics: +985138417451

Address: Postal Code 155, Kouhsangi Avenue, Dr. Shariati Square, Mashhad, Iran


Doctor Sheikh Hospital

This hospital was established in 1978, containing eight wards and 150 beds.

This is children’s hospital and has various wards, including pediatric renal unit, and hematology and oncology, surgery, dentistry and ICR wards.

Secretary of department of pediatrics in Doctor Sheikh Hospital: Saeedeh Hosseini

Telephone number of the hospital:+985137269021-7273941

Fax number of the hospital: +985137277470

Address: Mailbox No. 1358-91735, Taheri Street, Tohid Square, Mashhad, Iran





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